Who we are

Embodiment at Work specializes in a hybrid mixture of virtual and on-site activities committed to combining an understanding of embodied cognition with real-time physical experience in a variety of settings. From training during working hours to large-scale thinking projects, we believe an embodied point of view is essential to addressing the problems we currently face.

Our goal is to cultivate an embodied and sustainable approach to work, foster new and creative thinking and support long-term professional development.

Emily Poel

I’ve been teaching embodiment in Berlin for over fifteen years. Originally from Michigan and with a degree in contemporary dance performance and history, I’ve worked internationally as a performer, choreographer and creative advisor. In 2004 I shifted my focus to embodiment training and haven’t stopped since. Over the last ten years I’ve developed a large collection of activities using physical awareness tools and movement training to better understand how creativity, learning and thinking actually work. An avid reader, I’m strongly in favor of putting theory into physical practice.

Erik Winter

Originally from northern Germany, I’m a naturopath in the field of psychology bringing over ten years of direct experience working with clients. Through learning and teaching embodiment skills and practicing martial arts such as boxing, Aikido and Wing Tai for more than twenty years, I’ve gained knowledge about the interplay between body and mind from many different angles and sources, both in Germany and internationally. This background has allowed me to develop a unique and powerful approach to bringing embodiment practice to companies, managers and teams.

Our Partners

Deutsches Institut für Gutes Leben

difgl – Deutsches Institut für Gutes Leben is a spin-off of the TU Berlin focused on identifying cultural skills needed for living a good life in the digital age.



BeOrg is a consulting company devoted to organizational development through combining analytics with emotional intelligence.